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The First Step Towards

Your New Life

What's Next...

If you are here reading this you most likely have tried countless diets, workout programs, supplements, and even medical interventions to try and improve your health.
First, I want to commend you for how hard you have worked to try and reach your goals in the past. Seriously, you should take a second to pat yourself on the back. You keep trying and putting in the work even if it hasn't produced your desired result, that is very admirable. These are the people I absolutely LOVE working with. 
Next, I want to apologize personally because I have been part of the problem. Early in my career I didn't understand the intricacy's of behavior, and the psychological aspects connected with our overall health, nutrition, movement, etc... This is a big reason why I have dedicated my life to this. 
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What you seek may be just around                                            the corner,
don't stop now...
Before I go on about what it is we do. I want to make sure I'm providing some value to you even if you and I don't end up directly working together. I want you to leave here more empowered and knowledgeable than you were before. 
This is such an incredibly difficult journey when we don't have the right support system in place. It will feel like you are having a fight with yourself, with your body and your mind. Everything will feel more difficult than you think it should. If you are feeling this, you must make a pivot in your approach. You must find the right person to have in your corner.
So if you are looking for someone to help you on your journey please take a look at my post about finding a quality wellness practitioner...
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Chosing The Right Provider

Wellness Advisement

Responsive Website

Is This Provider Right For Me?

Physical Health


Mental Health

Why Will This Work?

I created this business out of the desperate need to integrate the two most important aspects of our lives: Our physical and mental health. It is my belief, these two areas are currently too fractured.
What is the most important aspect of your life? For many they might list their family, friends, or other aspects of their lives as the most important. In reality, we have nothing if we don't first have our overall health and wellness. We need an adequate, 'vessel,' in which we experience all life through. It is the only thing that will truly enhance and give meaning to every aspect of our lives. 

The reality is putting yourself first isn't selfish, it's a necessity. Being, 'Selfish,' by putting your own overall well-being first is actually the most selfless thing we can do. Think about how much better we are for the people we love when we have been their for ourselves first. Now, how do we treat these people when we haven't?
Yet, we will tell ourselves we are sacrificing for them when we aren't adequately taking care of ourselves...but really, are we? Let's stop kidding ourselves, and start truly caring about ourselves. Let's make your word to yourself mean something again. Think about what you will mean to the people you love when you become the person you were meant to be.

"Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you, doesn't mean you can, should, or need to do it alone."


Support Group

What Changes Can I Expect to See?

I have had the privilege and opportunity to work with many people over the years. When you have worked with enough people in the capacity I have, you are blessed with a new clarity and perspective. You start to see how alike we all are, how truly interconnected we are. You see how so many things in our individual lives are completely interconnected as well.


This is why physical and mental health are so important, because there is nothing that has a bigger impact on your life. This means, if you can improve it, you can indirectly change every aspect of your life. 

'Okay Brett, but what does that really mean.' I get this question a lot. Well, I cannot tell you how common it is in the first 12 months of working with someone I see the following changes...




Career Changes



Stronger Family Dynamic

Relationship Changes & Improvements

It is actually staggering to see what happens to someone's life when they truly dedicate themselves to improving their physical and mental health. How this in turn impacts, 'Their Circle,' and the people around them is nothing short of transcendent. 



Highly personalized programming tailored to your goals.

weekly Appointments

Very in depth 60 Minute appointments each week.

live support

Live 24-hour support. Always just a Text message or phone call away.

Live Nutritional Tracking

App synchronization with the ability to track live what you are eating day to day.

How Are We Different?

You and I are going to work together in a very unique way. Yes, we will focus on some of the same things that others do, however our approach to these areas are significantly different. A basic core of what we do together is make new connections in your life. What do I mean by this and why would that be important?

Let's first think about all the programs you have potentially tried in the past. Answer these questions for yourself...

Were they designed for you to tailor your life to it, or was it designed to tailor itself to you?

Did they provide meal plans, guides, and exercises for you to follow? Did they provide direct answers to your questions?

Did they provide a promise to the outcome you were looking for?

The reality is these big companies know that if they can provide a promise, and make your life feel easier (on the surface), all while providing specific meal plans, guides, and workouts, they will make you feel like you are progressing for at least a period of time, then they will have you as a repeat customer when and if your success doesn't last.

The current priority for a majority of these companies is to...


1. Make things feel easier


2. Give the consumer the feeling they are making lasting change


What is so damaging is when 95% of the customers inevitably fail, they are made to feel like it was on them. After all one of the ways they were sold the program were massive amounts of before and after's, testimonials, and a promise they will achieve their goals. 

Why do you think Jenny Craig is still around today? If they were successful for this long at what they did, is their new customer acquisition that successful to actually sustain their business model? Wouldn't they be out of business by now? No, because the reality is they have repeat customers, that have gone on and off the plan countless times. Do you really think that is more indicative to their program or the quality of the consumer?

*(This is not to bash on Jenny Craig, even if you had the no-how, merging Physical & Mental Health into a massive Corporate Brand would be next to impossible.)

Now, let's shift and think about a time in your life when you produced a massive change. Think back intently to it... how did that occur? Did you receive some guide on how to make that change? If you did, would that have really helped? Or, Did you have a perspective shift. Was that because you made a new connection in your life, or a specific event occurred?

The reality is that in some ways human beings can be broken down into very simplistic terms. My mentor early on in my career said something to me that I didn't realize how powerful and true it was until later...


"A person will only make a massive meaningful change in their life if they consciously connect enough pleasure to the outcome or enough pain to not making the change."

Image by Ross Findon
This is where the issue lies. Current, 'solutions,' don't address this. This is because most companies utilize this approach...



Their goal is to educate you on how to get better, and prescribe you a solution through meal plans, workout plans, ideas, and other means. Believe it or not it is not my intention to bash this approach. My belief is that approach actually works in many areas in your life. However, it doesn't seem to work particularly well in this one. This is why I often say, 'I'm looking for participants not patients.'

"Creating lasting change to your health takes, guided self exploration, and a real specific dissection of what is connected to your behavior."

Because of this we take a different approach...

New Connection

Perspective Shift

Organic Action

"It felt like therapy, but it isn't therapy,

This is how the weight-loss & wellness journey is supposed to feel, but never did before Brett."
Image by Steve Johnson

Our Process

With our monthly appointments, these new connections start to embed themselves, the shift is transformative. Usually people describe the act of getting healthy as, 'A real fight against themselves.' Clients often describe this as... 'When these shifts start to occur, it is like I finally feel fully aligned and more in sync with myself, I no longer feel like my own enemy.' That is because they are finally feeling what it is like when their body, mind, and spirit are more fully aligned. Which takes HARD work.
For a brief moment let me make an analogy. When you think of treatments of cancer, what is generally the main one you think of? Perhaps it is Chemotherapy. Think of it's mechanism and how it works. Put simply, It fights against the body and significantly hinders your immune system, many are impossibly nauseous and the process feels like a total, 'fight.'
There has been shift in the area of cancer research. We are seeing leaps in stem cell research, bone marrow transplants, and immunotherapies. Many biotech companies are moving from immune suppressing drugs to immune enhancing therapies, and seeing tremendous results. 
It is my belief this shift has not happened in the health and wellness space. Where you can go to one place that integrates physical and mental health, where you feel you are truly working with yourself. 
Let us help you in a very unique way in some of these areas you may be falling behind in...
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"Behavior Changes As You Learn."

The most looked over, yet critical part to getting healthy. Your program, your diet, your routine, doesn't matter if you cannot actually adhere to it. Behaviors only start to change when we are open enough to learn more about ourselves and what is behind the behavior we look to change.

Learn More Today >
Rock in Sand


"Let food be your medication.".

Learn how to experience an entirely new connection with food and nutrition. Instead of adapting to an unrealistic diet, let's find a solution to eating that fits perfectly to you and your lifestyle.

Learn More Today >
Young Woman in the Gym


"Reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body."

Most of us have developed a painful & unhealthy relationship to exercise. Let's take take the time to understand and empathize where those connections came from. From there, we can begin to slowly build an empowering connection with our bodies and exercise.

Learn More Today >
Fitness Ladies
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"Sleep Is The Best Meditation."

Consistent and quality sleep is perhaps the most important aspect of a healthy mind and body. Yet, we are getting less and less uninterrupted sleep every year. Sleep affects every aspect of your life, and every aspect of your life will affect your sleep. This reciprocal relationship can be a difficult thing to understand. Lets use simple solutions to improve your most powerful health building tool.

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LIVE Nutritional Tracking

Monthly appointments

Personalized Programing

LIVE support

Time For A change

Lets think about for a moment all of those programs you may have tried in the past. Often they will promise you specific outcomes; yes, but do they really put YOU at the center of the program?
Or do they put their program at the center of your life?

You begin a program where you are recording your food. You know you are supposed to be done eating for the day, but at night you turn on Netflix and start to crave something, so you eat it. 95% of the time did the knowledge of, 'Calories in Vs. Calories out,' make you not consume what you did? Oh it didn't? Don't worry it didn't for me either! 


However, the bigger issue is now you are made to think it was YOUR FAULT for consuming what you did, even when you may have little to no understanding as to WHY you did in the first place.


Yet, we wonder why we have such a treacherous relationship with food. Especially when this example is happening many times a day, day after day, year after year.

"The relationship you have with yourself will affect your relationship with food more than anything else. Allow me the opportunity to help support you towards a relationship with yourself that will change your life in more ways than you can imagine.


"But, I know what to do, I'm just not doing it."

"But, It's too expensive to eat healthy."

"But, if someone would just tell me what to do, I would be successful." 

"But, I'm just too busy."

"Okay, maybe I will do it.... But let me wait for a better time to start..."

Image by Erwan Hesry


STOP... what happens when we put things off?

In reality we aren't giving it the priority we know it needs. Care enough about you to put yourself first for awhile. It feels selfless when we put others before us. However, if we aren't taking care of ourselves enough first it's actually selfish, not selfless. As hard as you may try, you will never be as good for the people you love and care about until you truly start taking care of you.

"Putting yourself first isn't selfish, it's selfless."

We only get one time around, one life. Stop waiting, and start living it the way you've always imagined.

Make a decision in this moment, you are worth it! Chose a plan below, and I promise you won't look back...

Choose your pricing plan

  • Silver Membership

    Every month
    Ideal for people looking for accountability
    Valid for 12 months
    • 1 - 1 Hour Monthly Appointment
    • Full Health Assessment / Consultation
    • LIVE Nutritional Tracking/ Feedback
    • 24/7 Text Messaging Support (from Brett directly)
  • Best Value

    Gold Membership

    Every month
    Ideal for people ready to make a change
    Valid for 12 months
    • 2 - 1 Hour Appointments Per Month
    • Full Health Assessment / Consultation
    • LIVE Nutritional Tracking/ Feedback
    • 24/7 Text Messaging Support (from Brett directly)
  • Platinum Membership

    Every month
    Perfect for people who are ready to change their lives
    • 4 - 1 Hour Monthly Appointments
    • Full Health Assessment / Consult
    • LIVE Nutritional Tracking/ Feedback
    • 24/7 Text Messaging Support (from Brett directly)
    • 2-Full Body DEXA Scan & Review ($200 Value)
    • 6-Week Sleep Course (Cleveland Clinic)
    • Thorne Supplement Credit ($50 Value)
    • Complimentary Consult ($90 Value)
How we meet

Make it easy, and take your appointment right over the phone, for those of you who are, 'Zoomed,' out.

For those of you who prefer Zoom, don't worry, we still offer this if you prefer!

The after affect of improving your health is living the life you imagine.
There is nothing more important than your physical and mental health. There is no investment that will pay you more than spending in this area of your life. 
So ask yourself, what are you waiting for... really what?
And is that reason why you are waiting really worth that daily feeling of wishing you were further along than you are?
Remember, the most successful form of procrastination is not saying you won't do something. It is saying you will get to it later for a specific, 'reason.' This way we can tell ourselves, 'We aren't not doing it, we are just getting to it later.' But we know what we are really doing...
However, maybe this one time you say no, you are not going to wait. Not for this. Because you are worth it. With every minute that goes by not living the life you deserve is no longer acceptable. We only get one time around, so let's start living it the way you were meant to. 
Spilling Sand

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

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